Friday, 5 June 2015

Falcons Fury - The New Ride at Bush Gardens

PANTOPIA is the newest attraction at Busch Gardens Tampa! Here you will find thrilling rides and attractions, new culinary options, shopping and exciting entertainment in a brand new indoor theatre! The centerpiece of Pantopia is Falcons Fury, Busch Gardens newest attraction. Falcons Fury stands at 335 feet tall, it is North America's tallest freestanding drop tower! Riders tilt 90 degress in midair to a "face down" position and a few seconds later they will plunge straight down at 60 mph!! Are you brave enough??!!!!!

Having ridden Falcons Fury I would personally recommend it as a must do attraction while in the Tampa area for anyone that has that adrenaline junky side. as soon as I had ridden it once I went back through the line and rode it again, it is unlike anything I have ever ridden before!
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